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    Hi Everyone! Welcome to Dallas, my home. I have lived here most of my life. I grew up in Richardson, a suburb in North Dallas.

Dallas has changed and grown so much. When I was a little girl, you could drive for miles without seeing anything but open space. Now, almost every piece of land has something on it. There is some land still available in far Southwest Dallas County which is very pretty; rolling hills and beautiful green trees, of course, there is some flat land also.

In Dallas, you will find a diverse group of individuals. Almost every nationality on earth can probably be found in the Dallas area. In one small section of North Dallas, twenty-seven laguages are spoken.

If you like modern architecture, you will be able to get your fill in Dallas. A city full of new ultra-modern buildings contrasts with the original Dallas log cabin home of John Neely Bryan, found in Old City Park. The Plaza of the Americas is a magnificent merger between office buildings, a hotel and a shopping mall, complete with an indoor ice skating rink. The Reunion Tower offers an incredible view of Dallas. After 9 PM the lights atop of the huge ball glow and blink, in an incredible display.

I grew up in and raised my children in the Richardson Independent School District. The RISD has always enjoyed a reputation as one of best in the state.

I like to walk and take my kids to parks at Greenville and Royal Lane, Bachman Lake and White Rock Lake. I enjoy being outdoors and these are some nice spots to walk and let kids play. There are tons of parks all over Dallas with lots of trees and well kept landscapes.

There is so much to see and do in Dallas, I have included links to some great sites to start you on your trip to Dallas. Have fun and come back soon. I am always planting new seeds in my gardens:)



The Dallas Morning News: Online edition of the daily newspaper; includes searchable classified section, jobs, jobs, jobs in Dallas!

Comparing Dallas Area School Districts: SAT scores, statisics & links to area school districts.

Dallas County Community Colleges: Links and information to all the Community Colleges.

Dallas Public Library: Links to everything the library has to offer plus lots more for kids and grown ups : )

Richardson Public Library: Tons of information!

Yellow Pages: Get directions and a map of where you want to go!

Children's Medical Center of Dallas: The BEST place for a child with ANY illness. Visit the HUGE indoor Trainscape!

White Rock Lake Park: A lake in the middle of Dallas with a view of downtown. Wonderful Site!

Links to the DALLAS COWBOYS: Tons of Cowboy Links and information:)

Dallas/Ft. Worth City Pages: Links to Everything You Need in Dallas!

Dallas View FOOLS Page: Lots of pictures and unusual, little known facts about Dallas. Millions of links!

Hometown Dallas Entertainment Links: Links to restaurats, clubs, theaters and all kinds of entertainment!

Buyer's Guide to Dallas Real Estate: All areas and suburbs are covered. Free Relocation Brouchure.

Dallas Event Planner : Everything to plan your event in Dallas!

DALLAS LEGAL-NET: Search the database to find the lawyer you need.

ComSpace.Com-Dallas-Office Buildings: Commercial Real Estate Listing of Buildings in Dallas by name

Visit my Womens Health page at The Mining Company for the most current health information available on the Net; I've mined the Net for hundreds of great Net links and each week I write a new, timely feature article.


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